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If you add a new baby to your family, you’re in for 18-21 years of raising your child. And that child is going to do a lot of changing in its lifetime. Perhaps nowhere is a child’s development more noticeable than in its first year of life. Your child will go from a dependent infant to an increasingly curious toddler. READ MORE >>

img.responsiveimagesize {     max-width: 100%;     height: auto; } Technically, a flood can affect any home. However, some homes are at a much higher risk of flooding than others. Floods can cause severe damages to high-risk homes. READ MORE >>

Solar panels are going up on many of today’s homes. These panels, which used to be only considered beneficial in warm areas like Nevada and California, are now more readily available to homeowners throughout the country. They offer a great deal of benefit to the homeowner. READ MORE >>

Your home is your shelter from the outside world. From severe weather to home invasions, your home is your first defense against harmful events. Over the years, to make your home your own, you can increase the number of risks that threaten your home, your family and your home insurance inadvertently. READ MORE >>

When it comes to protecting the home you've put so much time and hard work into, don't overlook the value and importance of a high-quality home insurance policy. In many cases, it can make the difference in your ability to overcome a significant weather event, fire or theft or if you will face financial difficulty for a long time after. READ MORE >>

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